ToolsToo Crack

ToolsToo Crack + Full Version Free Download

ToolsToo Crack + Full Version Free Download

ToolsToo Crack over 100 powerful, easy-to-use tools to your Microsoft Office PowerPoint tools. ToolsToo is so powerful and effective that it can be difficult to create PowerPoint presentations using it. Toolbar – Although some seem limited and probably very complex, PowerPoint is undoubtedly the best choice for presentation and illustration. The advantage of this is that it can wrap many useful functions on the surface of a common office.

ToolsToo Crack

ToolsToo Crack is a new and powerful extension for those who want to use Micro .ft PowerPoint at an advanced level. Powerful, useful packages allow you to compare your project products with PowerPoint. Included in this course are more than 100 powerful machines with easy and convenient use. You can use PowerPoint presentations and all of their advantages for a variety of purposes to create and edit documents. Users who have worked with this program may find it difficult to work with PowerPoint without this tool when creating the first slide with this plugin.

ToolsToo Free Download the software contains dozens of applications that greatly simplify the needs of users when creating and editing slides, even if they are small and simple. For example, with this tool you can round the angles evenly in all geometric shapes; It is not necessary to apply a specific environment to different types. With more than 25 different tools and other applications in this program, you have the facility to work with different sizes, to work in groups, to manage and change slides more efficiently, you have more than 80 tools.

ToolsToo Crack


  • Print Process – Print process and display progress. This tool alone saves hours!
  • Insert a photo from the clipboard – Insert a new clipboard system as a slide and drag accordingly.
  • Slideshow Format – Create a slide selection using slides, select the first slide, and the contents of the previous slides.
  • Divide the goals into two slides.
  • Separate Letters – Separate moving lines when touching to create multiple slides.
  • Delete cartoons / instructions / slides / passwords in diagrams / unused slides / layout does not work / drum.
  • Give small text options – cross-section and email page. Sending settings while saving any mode.
  • Print notes – Save notes to Microsoft Word documents.
  • Definition of words – Definition of words for the whole presentation.
  • Numerical Statistics – See statistics for different slides and estimated time.
  • Ability to use colors, types, colors, font types, line colors.
  • In the field of construction.
  • Ability to easily print and slide transition.
  • Ability to count the number of words and phrases on a slide.
  • Pull out the sliding strip.
  • Displays the numbers associated with this bar.
  • Ability to separate scripts from different slides.
  • Move photos from the clipboard.

Formatting tools include:

  • Fill, size, font color, font name, font size, line color, line, the same line.
  • Same Size, Distance, Structure, Rotation, Adjustment, Round Corner, Table Column Width, Table Structure, Animation, Traffic End.
  • Fix the forms at the end.
  • Expand the image.
  • Adjust the picture.
  • Copy the form.
  • Rewrite the Z sequence and the animation sequence.
  • Add link sites.
  • Add / Remove from the group.
  • Hide view.
  • Make it body/title.
  • Make the line horizontal/vertical.
  • Take a picture.
  • Measure up to 100% / height / width.
  • Change the arc/shape.
  • Text sharing.
  • Copy at the end of the jam.
  • Reset the math start path.

ToolsToo Crack

Reference form:

  • Many tools of the tool to form serve as a reference form. To keep it to the left, for example, select the selected icon on the left side of the reference form.

Slide tool:

  • ToolsToo has over 25 slide tools!

Activation Key:


Slide tools include:

  • Copy Program Slide – Displays a copy of the discussion slide in the presentation process. This tool alone will save you time!
  • Insert picture from memory board – save memory for new slides and shapes.
  • Update Table – Improves the selected slide with the previous slide theme and the color of the first selected slide.
  • Custom language – Customize the entire presentation.
  • Set Title – Sets the title for the selected slide.
  • Split animation – split animation sequence you clicked on more slides.
  • Split Text – Divide the text into two slides.
  • Slide Facts – Provides various slide facts and approximate durations.
  • Value Number – Displays the number of words, characters, and paragraphs.
  • Extract notes – Extract Microsoft Word notes and documents.
  • Extract Slide Slide – All formats while saving Extract Tincture and Email Slides.
  • Save Instructions – Save presentation level, space level, and master level instructions in the file
  • Recovery Instructions – Download Presentation Level, Detachment Level, and Master Guide from Files.
  • Merge Layout – Merge each location with the same name.
  • Delete animations / embedded chart data / blank / browser / hidden slides / notes / unused slide masters / unused slide locations.

How to install?

  • You must first uninstall the previous version with IOBIT Uninstaller.
  • Download and extract files (Winrar must extract password protected files).
  • Install the installer.
  • Close the program.
  • Copy / paste the Crack file into the ToolsToo installation folder.
  • Start the program now.
  • Done!

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